Dong Dantes needs to self isolate after Descendants of the sun taping

It’s a wrapped..

Last september 11th, the Descendants of the sun locked-in taping was finally over, but the stars and staff couldn’t go home right away as they need to self isolate for a couple of days before they can be reunited with their families.

According to Marian when the entertainment press got to talk to her via Zoom, Dong did a swab test last Saturday, September 12. Dong wanted to make sure that he is safe from Corona Virus before be reunited with his family.

It was also a protocol that they need to follow, Dong will find out the result of his swab test after 3 days.

Once he tested negative, he can finally go home and reunite with his wife Marian and two kids.

“Kailangan kasi talagang magpa-test muna siya para makasiguro na wala siyang dala sa bahay, para safe naman, kasi kawawa ang mga bata.

[He needs to take the test first, to make sure he won’t bring any virus, so we can all be safe especially our kids.]

Marian said Dong will be home on tuesday once his swab test is negative. Marian didn’t mention where Dingdong is currently self isolating.

Marian said, Dong misses them so much. But she told him, “Nakatiis ka na ng madaming araw, magtiis ka pa ng tatlong araw.”

[You have endured so many days, you can endured 3 more days.]