Zia and Sixto playing together

So cute..

Marian Rivera is very hands-on assisting Zia with her online classes. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Online classes are the new norm for many students.

There’s no face to face classes so they are facilitating classes via Zoom.

“She is adjusting, but she’s very curious why she can’t go to school, so i explained it to her. It’s just for the meantime.” Marian said.

β€œI am helping her to get use to it, she’s adjusting because this is new for her.” Marian added.

Marian is also teaching Zia at home.

Marian graduated BS Psychology in De La Salle University DasmariΓ±as, so she knows how to deal with Zia’s adjustments.

After class, Zia get to play with his baby brother Sixto. Here they are enjoying seesaw together.

So adorable.