Dantes Family celebrates Daddy Dong’s 40th birthday

Season 4.0

Dingdong Dantes is celebrating his 40th birthday today, August 2, 2020.

They first plan to have a octoberfest themed celebration, but due to covid it did not push through.

Instead, he is havinga simple yet meaningful celebration with his wife Marian Rivera-Dantes and 2 beautiful children Zia and Sixto.

Here they pose for a beautiful family photo to celebrate Daddy’s 40th birthday.

Zia also helped his Daddy blow his birthday candle, and Mommy Marian prepared everything for Dong’s 40th birthday celebration at home. With the help of Party Station Phils and Sweet Creation by Mums.

Here are some clips shared by Dingdong and Marian.

ofcourse Daddy Dong got his birthday kisses!

Happy Birthday Daddy D!