Ate Zia enjoying her McDo

She’s excited to eat her favorite McDo Meal.

Mommy Marian Rivera posted a short clip of her daughter Zia enjoying her favorite McDo meal.

After months of not been able to eat her favorite McDo meal, ate Zia finally got to order her favorite McChicken and Mcspaghetti with Mcfries.

You can tell how excited and happy she is! Zia and Marian are both endorsers of McDo.

Meanwhile, Rocco Nacino visited the Dantes Family in their home with girlfriend Melissa Gohing. They even brought a gift for Zia.

“What a pleasant surprise from my good friends! At may regalo pa si Plantita  gohingmelissa at Plantito  nacinorocco kay Letizia! Salamat sa inyo at nakaka-good vibes talaga itong halaman na ito. 👍🏻 allaboutplantsph