Marian surprised Dong with a kiss

Marian is proud of her husband..

A group of actors quietly established Aktor, a league of filipino actors who are against the new normal shooting guidelines of FDCP.

They formed Aktor last May 30, 2020. And last July 1, 2020 they released their first manifesto lead by Dingdong Dantes.

Their manifesto stated, they will not allow PDCP to meddle and control their ideas and capabilities to make movies.

They said, they aso believe in taking precautionary measures because of the pandemic and set accidents, but they are against the too much limitation that FDCP wants to implement.

They also said that what they need is “Kunsulta, at hindi dikta.” What they mean is they believe that they need to be consulted about what is the right working conditions for film workers. And they don’t need to tell them what to do.

Marian is so proud of her husband, while listening on the side, as Dong gave his speech.

She then gave Dong a kiss and hug. Even the other panelists where so kilig.