Kulitan with the Dantes Squad

Bonding time..

PPl Entertainment Inc. held a video call with Daddy Dingdong Dantes. Where fans got to have a Question and Answer session with Dong Dantes.

Zia went to say hello with her Ninong Gabby and Ninang Apples but she could not see the screen, so she cutely told her Dad, “I cannot see..”

Dong also playfully showed Marian while she was resting in her favorite place.. Dong’s armpit.

When asked what’s his favorite food beside filipino dishes, Dong said that because Marian is spanish and they often visit spain because that’s where Marian’s father lives, they love spanish food.

While Dingdong was answering questions from fans, Baby Sixto came by to give his Daddy a hug. So sweet!

Here’s the video: