Zia’s new activity

New activity for Ate Zia

Marian Rivera-Dantes is keeping her hands full this quarantine.

One of the activity that keeps Marian busy these days is baking. She specially love to brake bread, different kind of bread.

Today she shared another bread that she made. Can you guess what it is?

In other news, Marian prepared a new activity for Zia to keep her busy. Marian has been home schooling Zia ever since the enhanced community quarantine started.

She’s teaching her math, science, writing and many more. Marian said when it’s time to study she is not Mama Marian but she is Teacher Marian.

Dong said that he sometimes sit in during Zia’s classes. Marian prepared a new artt activity for Zia, it’s clay.

Zia were seen making flowers, sun and clouds using the clay. She is so creative!


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Ate Zia’s new activity.. 😊

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Good job ate Zia!