Marian’s post-pregnancy body wow netizens

Marian flaunts her post-pregnacy abs while working out.

Many were speechless and in awe when Marian shared a clip on her instagram stories while working out.

Marian was seen doing cardio workout at home, she posted a short clip while on a treadmill, wearing work out outfit that shows her post-pregnancy body.

It’ just been over a year when Marian gave birth to her youngest child, Baby Sixto. But her body looks like she never gave birth at all.

She is indeed the sexiest Momma for us.

Marian’s secret? It’s biofit herbal tea. But ofcourse she remind breastfeeding moms to consult their doctors first.

“Reminder to never let go of taking care of yourself no matter how busy you get. Stay fit and sexy with Biofitea! For breastfeeding moms, please consult your doctor first.”