Paolo Ballesteros funny comments to Zia as Dysebel

Say hello to Uncle!

After Dressing up as Darna for Mother’s Day, Zia also dressed up as Dyesebel. One of the iconic roles her Mom Marian Rivera played on television.

Marian shared 2 photos of Zia as Dyesebel on her Instagram account. It how has almost 1 Million likes.

Many fans and netizens are pointing out how Zia looks a lot like her Mom Marian Rivera.

Here’s a photo of the them side by side.

Meanwhile, Paolo Ballesteros who played Bukanding, Dyesebel’s bestfriend left a comment that made everyone laugh.

He said, “Hi Baby Dyesebel, i’m your uncle Bukanding!”

Hopefully GMA will soon re-run Dyesebel while ECQ is still on going.