Angel Locsin approves that Zia is the next Darna

Angel Locsin reacts to Zia as Little Darna

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Zia Dantes dressed up as Little Darna and Little Dyesebel, iconic roles played by her mother Marian Rivera in television.

“May pa early Mother’s day pakulo itong si Ate Zia. Familiar ba ang look?”

“Sa dinami-dami ng roles na ginampanan ko, ang pagiging mommy ang pinakamasarap. Kaya suportahan lang kita ‘nak as you discover your interests.” Marian said.

It was flooded by positive reactions by netizens, Zia was so cute and adorable it went viral in social media.

Even Angel Locsin who played Darna in 2004, commented that it looks like we find the next Darna.

“Mukhang may susunod na Darna na ah!” she said.

A fan commented, “Talbog kayo dalawa ni Mariam Rivera!”, where Angel Locsin replied, “True! Aprub 100%!”.

Netizens said it looks like Zia received the blessing of two Darnas to follow their footstep.