DongYan sweetness then and now

Sana all..

We recall that Dingdong once said that he will teach his wife Marian Rivera on how to play the drums, but it looks like he doesnt need to teach her anything.

In Dingdong post in his IG stories, you can see that Marian is playing drums alone and engrossed while hitting the snares. He captioned his IG story with “Busted! marianrivera.”

However, it seems like their daughter Zia is a better drummer than her mother and Dingdong is also teaching her how to play drums. We think that it would look great to Dingdong, Zia and Marian playing the drums together.

Speaking of DongYan, they recently did a live stream interview and fans noticed how their sweetness never change through the years.

Together now for 12 years and counting, married for 5 years and counting, now parents to two beautiful children but their sweetness never fade.

They even became sweeter than ever.

Marian participated in FashionForOthers, a benefit sale which the profits are for Covid-19 aid and to a selected beneficiary.

Marian said, “I’m sharing some of my personally selected pieces to FashionForOther benefit sale.”

The beneficiary partners are Moment Group’s Project Nourish to provide 1500+ packed meals a day to medical teams, construction workers in emergency quarantine facility construction sites and quarantines patients.