Ate Zia’s Tiktok that will make you smile

Zia’s fanmade Tiktok

The entire Luzon is currently in enhanced community quarantine until April 15th, we don’t as of the moment if the lockdown will be extended or whatnot.

Dong and Marian admitted it’s hard to make a schedule for the next 30 days.

And so everyone is finding things to do while in home quarantine, Even Celebrity couple Dong and Marian who has two children, Zia and Sixto.

“It’s a bit hard to figure out our schedule within the next 30 days where it’s not going to be repititive and won’t be boring especially to the kids. ” Marian said.

Dantes squad fans as well are finding things to do while in self quarantine.

Another fan made tiktok video circulated in social media, this time it’s Ate Zia. It’s also made by dyzsuperfan on instagram.

It truly made us smile! Check it out below!


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After Ziggy, it’s Ate Z’s turn now to go TikToking (if there’s such a term as that😁). . #MarianRivera #DingdongDantes #MariaLetiZia #JoseSixto #happy #smile #pretty #love #cute 📹 from @benchtm

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