The Department of Agriculture confirms bird flu outbreak in Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

Bird Flu outbreak in Nueva Ecija confirmed

Agriculture Department confirms the detection of H5N6 or bird flu, a highly-pathogenic avian influenza.

Agriculture Secretary William Dar on H5N6 or bird flu, “We depopulate 12,000 last saturday.”

“While there is a possibility of a human transmission, the chances that it will transmit to human is very slim. Based four cases of human transmission in China, so far no one has died on H5N6.”

Agriculture chief says DA’s quick response fund will be used to fight the bird flu. They said it will compensate poultry raisers at P10 per quail and P80 per chicken or duck culled to contain the bird flu.

Agriculture chief said that people should not panic. “Let’s stay calm, we can do this. We have manual procedures regading bird flu.