Entire Luzon to be placed under “Enhanced Community Quarantine”

‘Enhanced Community Quarantine’ to entire Luzon to be imposed

Malacañang says President Duterte just announced an “enhanced community quarantine” in the entire Luzon.

As the government sought to stop the spreading of COVID-19 or coronavirus disease, President Rodrigo Duterte announced today that he will imposed ‘Enhanced Community Quarantine’ to entire Luzon.

Enhanced community quarantine means:

• Strict home quarantine will be implemented in all household
• transportation will be suspended
• Provision for food and essential health services shall be regulated
• Heightened presence of uniformed personnel to enforce quarantine procedures will be implemented.

The President will meet with members of the Inter- agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases.

He will address the nation tonight regarding the new implementation of the ‘Enhanced Community Quarantine to entire Luzon.

The DILG has recommended the Enhanced Community Quarantine as Day 2 of the community quarantine showed social distancing measures are not working.