GIFs of Zia and Ziggy bring good vibes

Adorable sibling duo!

The Dantes Squad return from a year hiatus and uploaded a new vlog on their official youtube channel.

They shared their family trip to bohol last november. Ziggy also made his first ever vlog appearance.

Marian was still pregnant with Ziggy when they last posted a vlog.

Dong said they stop because they were too busy, because Marian just gave birth to Ziggy back then. And they focus on looking after and taking care of their two children.

Here are our favorite clip from the vlog, we turned it into a GIF:

Ziggy enjoying their boat ride..

Zia is becoming more and more beautiful..

Don Sixto IV everybody!

Ate Zia loves her tarsier stuffed toy!

Sixto playing with Momma!