Marian Revealed Zia is a perfectionist

Marian starts taping for new tv series

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera started taping for he upcoming tv series ‘First Yaya.’

Marian also shared her proud moment when her daughter Maria Letizia graduated from nursery.

The first born of Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes graduated nursery. In Marian’s instagram, she shared Zia’s graduation look.

She look very charming and beautiful in a white dress. Marian revealed, at a young age, Zia is a kind of a perfectionist.

“She’s great in writing, drawing and coloring. That’s her passion right now. Everytime she draw and color, she doesn’t like it when the colors goes over the line.”

Besides Zia’s excelling in academics, Marian is more proud that Zia is growing up as a sweet, caring and responsible child.

Between her and Dong, Marian said that she is the disciplinarian or the bad cop.

Whenever Zia made a mistake, she’s the one who talks and explain to Zia what she did wrong.

“‘Zia i have to talk to you, why did you do this..’ But it’s very rare because Zia is always jolly and cool. What important is to show her how much you loves her and everything else will follow.”

Marian is back taping for her comeback soap ‘First Yaya’. Marian’s character is very jolly. “Yeah, she’s very bubbly, even though their situation is heavy it becomes light because of her.”

Marian admitted that she is having some separation anxiety. “Ofcourse because i’m used to be with my kids all the time, and now i’m back to work. But i will overcome it.” She said.