Kim Chiu’s first interview after QC incident

Kim Chiu, PA and Driver are safe

The reason still unclear why Kim Chiu’s van was sht earlier today in Quezon City.

Kim Chiu was on her way to her taping for her tv series when 2 unidentified men riding motorcycle fired 8 sht on her van.

Kim was with her PA and driver, thankfully they are all safe.

In her instagram post Kim updates fans and friends that all of them are safe. She also shared some photos from the incident.

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Kim thanked everyone who’s been checking up on her.

“A lot of you have been texting and calling. can’t answer right now. Thank you for checking on me. Means a lot. Yes I am safe po. I’m ok and my P.A. And my driver as well.” She said.

“Papa Jesus protected us. I dont have an idea what really happened, mistaken identity?.” She added.

Kim said that she was shocked and asked her driver what happened. And that she is thankful that she was laying down sleeping when the incident happened. “I was so scared, I dont know what to feel right now.” She said.

Kim also said, that she has no enemy, so she don’t know why it happened to her. She said that whoever did it to her, she will leave it up to God.

“At the end of the day inisip ko nalang walang nasaktan sa amin. God protected us. Salamat po.” She said.