Corazon’s reunion with her Marimar and Sergio

Marimar, Sergio and Corazon reunion

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes with their two adorable children Letizia and Sixto attended the first birthday celebration of Shiloh, the daughter of Dong’s cousin Arthur Solinap and wife Rochelle Pangilinan.

One of the guest was Manilyn Reynes, who played the iconic role of Corazon in Marimar. Dong and Marian who played Marimar and Sergio 13 years ago were very delighted that they got to meet her again.

For the first time she met Dong and Marian’s daughter, Letizia and Sixto. She shared some photos on her instagram account.

“With my forever Inday Marimar at ang kaniyang sixto.” She says.

She also shared a photo with Dong, her “Ser Sergio.”

“Kasama ang aking forever Ser Sergio, Ni Inday Marimar.” She says.

We are also delighted to see them together again after a very long time. 13 years later Corazon’s Inday Marimar and Ser Sergio now has two beautiful children.