Dingdong shared how their daughter Zia knows that he’s a soldier.

Zia is curious why Daddy wears soldier uniform

The Kapuso Primetime King shared last Thursday at the media launch of the Philippine adaptation of Descendants of the Sun, he sometimes show Zia the shots in their taping and explain to her what show it is and his role.

“When I show her a picture, for example a picture of me in the mountains. She asked ‘ Why were you there?’ I answer because It was for the Amazing Earth.

“So I showed her when Im wearing the soldier uniform, she then asked ‘ Why you look like a soldier?’ I answered, ‘Of thats for a role, Im pretending to be a soldier for my show.’

‘Eh, sometimes she saw at home. ‘Why are you wearing a soldier uniform, are you pretending to be a soldier?”

“It had me thinking.’ You know, Zia, I’m a reservist, I am a volunteer, I help real soldiers.

“So, yes technically, I’m a soldier.’

“‘Oh!’ she said, ‘You’re a reservist.. a soldier..oh, I get it.’

“Sometimes simple questions like that, it made you question your self ‘who am I, really?” Dingdong said with a smile.

He cant shared all the full details of being a soldier, but the Kapuso actor is happy because his family is there to support him, especially his wife Marian Rivera on him being a reservist.

Especially now that he got promoted as a lieutenant commander in the Philippine Navy.