Zia and Ziggy playing Peek-a-boo

DongYan takes turn taking care of their two kids.

Marian Rivera-Dantes is back to work, that’s why Daddy Dingdong Dantes took his turn to take care of their youngest child Jose ‘Ziggy’ Sixto Dantes IV.

Dingdong co-stars in Descendants of the Sun are in awe when they got to meet Ziggy for the first time.

The cast of the Philippine adaptation of the Korean drama has a continuous taping for their episodes since their pilot episode has aired last Monday.

It was starring Dingdong and Jennylyn as the lead cast with Rocco Nocino, Jasmine Curtis Smith and many more.

Meanwhile, Momma Marian Rivera-Dantes shared an adorable clip of Zia and Ziggy while playing.

Zia was playing peek-a-boo with Ziggy on his crib. Ziggy loves playing with her Ate!

Marian captioned her post, “I love you both.”