Marian Rivera’s new tv series postponed?

Update on Marian Rivera’s comeback teleserye ‘First Yaya’

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is also set for her primetime comeback with a new primetime series.

There was a rumor that her primetime series was postponed, many wonders what could have been the issue or reason if the rumor is true.

The entertainment press got to ask Marian Rivera’s manager Rams David. His answers postively saying “Ofcourse it will push through.”

Rams David did not even know that there is such a rumor. He said that there is no issue and it will not be delayed.

According to Rams David, the taping is already schedule to start this March. It will be the first time Marian Rivera and Gabby Concepcion will work together in a primetime series.

Many were expecting for First Yaya to be included the the first quarter line up of GMA. But the truth is, it is set for the second quarter. Maybe that is why rumors starting to spread that it was delayed.

The entertainment press also asked her husband Dingdong Dantes about his wife’s tv comeback. Dong said that Marian will definitely make a comeback.

Meanwhile, Dong’s tv series Descendants of the sun will start airing on Feb 10th. The taping for Descendants of the sun is almost done. Once it is done, Marian will start taping for First Yaya.

Dong and Marian don’t work at the same time so one of them can take care of their kids Zia and Ziggy.