Zia and Alana sing Let it go

Zia help her friend Alana sing Let it go.

Zia Dantes helps her bestfriend forever Alana Antonio to sing Let it go.

Alana is Zia’s bestfriend who will be celebrating her birthday this february 8th. She had a advance birthday celebration with her friends.

When the host asked Alana to sing, she refused to sing alone. So her bestfriend Zia, accompanied her and sing with her while holding her hand.

Her Mom Cat Arambulo-Antonio posted the adorable video of Zia and Alana singing let it go.

“Alana refused to sing alone. Thanks Z for taking care of your BFF Alana!!” Alana’s mom posted.

Many netizens adore the friendship between Zia and Alana. Her Mom shared the behind the scene story how Zia help Alana to sing and boost her confidence.

“Zia had to bring Alana up, stay with her and sing with her to boost her confidence. And watch how Zia passes the mic to Alana pa….. full support and uplifting!” Alana’s Mom said.

Zia and Alana are also close with Kimchi and Lucas. The 4 of them are inseparable. Alana’s Mom said the 4 of them facetime eachother all the time.

They also make plans together and the Moms are the last to know.

“Oh absolutely. Alana & Kimchi are cousins and we’re all neighbors with Lucas and Zia. They FaceTime eachother when they’re no together pa. Haha! Near or far… they’ll be friends forever!!! Oh and they make plans worth each other — and we mommies are the last to know. Kaloka!

So adorable!