Marian Rivera is proud of husband Dong Dantes as he became Lieutenant Commander (Res)

Dong Dantes promoted as Lieutenant Commander of the Philippine Navy Reservist force

Earlier today Dingdong Dantes was promoted Lieutenant Commander of the Philippine Navy Reservist.

The ceremony was heldat the PN Headquarters on Monday. Dong’s ever supportive wife Marian Rivera-Dantes was present to the ceremony.

She posted on her Instagram account, “Lieutenant Commander Jose Sixto G. Dantes III PN (Res). Super proud of you my husband… Salute! “

Dingdong’s Mom, Uncle and her sisters are also present to the ceremony.

Lieutenant Commander Jose Sixto Dantes III while giving his speech.

Salute to the new Lieutenant Commander of the Philippine Navy!

Congratulation Big Boss ! We are so proud of you!

For those wondering, Dong is a Lieutenant Commander of Philippine Navy Reservist force.

Reservist are soldiers who are not serving in the regular army of a country, but who can be called to serve whenever they are needed.