Marian shared an update on her two children and motherhood

The Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes shared with GMA 7 in a recent interview about the joy of motherhood.

Marian said that watching her children grow is the most joyous thing for her.

When asked about Ziggy she said, “He is growing everyday and becoming cuter and cuter. Makes it more hard to leave at home whenever i have work to do. He has 4 teeth now.”

Zia who is the oldest child of Marian and Dong is already laking a name for herself, as fans and netizens continue to adore her.

“We want her to do things that she wants and enjoy doing. Because everytime we ask her what she wants to do or if she wants to do something, she can already answer and decide.”

“I know she’ still young but she thinks differently from other kids. She can already make decisions for herself.”

Marian is also encourages Zia to explore. “Zia is the type of kid who is thinks maturely. If later on she wants to have social media we will let her. “

“We want them to have a normal life ad well. But when she grows up and decided she wants to be an artist, or what to explore we will let her do her thing.”

Marian said they will still share some photos of their children in their social media account whenever it feels right.

“We will still share photos. They receive more love and likes than me and Dong.”

When asked about Zia’s endorsements earnings, “She has her own bank account. All her earninga from endorsements goes there. When becomes an adult, she will get it.”

Marian also shared now that she is a mother, she has a whole new view on working and saving.

“When i was still single, i have work, i save for my self. Now, Thank you Lord, i have work i can save for my kids future.”