Ziggy happily Chilling with her Momma

Ziggy happily chilling with her Momma

It is so delighting to see the children of Kapuso primetime couple Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Zia who just turned 4 years old last November 23rd 2019 and Ziggy who is 9 month old are internet darlings. Every time Dong and Yan will share their photos on social media netizens and fans immediately showered their post with love.

Many netizes commented how Zia and Ziggy gave them good vibes and how just seeing their photos made them smile. Marian recently shared a photo of Zia and Ziggy while playing and it received a lot of love from netizens.

Recently Ziggy’s ninong posted a photo with Dong and Ziggy and it is also receiving a lot of love from the netizens.

though Dong and Marian are busy these days they will always find the time to spend quality time together as a family with their two beautiful children. The Dantes family is indeed one of the most loved showbiz family in the country.

Earlier today Marian shared a photo of Ziggy chilling with her in the couch. it immediately re posted on different social media and receiving a lot of love from fans.

Many commented how Ziggy love to smile and laugh like his Momma and Ate Zia. So adorable indeed!