Ziggy new photos with his Ninongs and Ninang

Ziggy new photos with his Ninongs and Ninang

Today, Ziggy accompanied Daddy Dong Dantes, Mama Marian Rivera-Dantes and Ate Zia Dantes to work.

Dong, Marian and Zia is currently filming a new tv commercial for a new endorsement. His Daddy Dong took the opportunity to photograph Ziggy with her Ninongs.

“Sixto accompanied us at work today and so i took this rare chance of photographing memorable moments with his godparents.” He said.

Ziggy with his Ninong Vien, Marian’s make up artist.

Ziggy with his Ninong Noel,  “Mukhang balak ni Sixto arborin ang swabeng salamain ng ninong niyang si Noel Manapat.”

“Celestefied— in a cuddly manner. JoseSixto with his ninang Celeste Tuviera.”

Ziggy with his Ninong Melville, Mama Marian’s Stylist.

Ziggy will soon turn 9 months on January 16th. Just like his Mom Ziggy is always smiling and laughing, and like his Dad he is very observant and chill.

At an early age Ziggy is already receiving a lot of endorsement offers from companies to be their endorser.

Suchba beautiful family.