Unseen video of Zia’s 4th birthday party

Unseen video of Zia’s 4th birthday party

The adorable daughter of Dong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes turned 4 years old last november 23rd.

Zia had 2 birthday party, her first birthday party was held at her school. It was a princess and unicorn themed birthday party.

The second birthday party was held at Mcdonalds. Where her family and closest friends celebrated with Ate Zia.

The theme of her second birthday party was unicorn and barbie theme. Zia wore a beautiful dress with a puffed skirt.

“Mama is so happy when I see you happy. This genuine smile of yours is priceless!” Marian said.

Here are clips from the birthday party that was not shared before. One of the games that they played during Zia’s birthday party was “Longest Happy Birthday Zia.”

Baby Ziggy ‘joined’ the “Longest Happy Birthday Ziaaaaa” game with the help of her Momma Marian.

The other game that they played was “The Boat is sinking game.” Zia was inseparable with her BFF Alana. The two stick together like glue.

So adorable!