Ziggy is Momma’s handsome date

Ziggy is Momma’s handsome date

The younger brother of Dong Dantes, Angelo Dantes married his longtime girlfriend Mika Talusan today, December 19, 2019.

Angelo is the second youngest sibling of Dong Dantes. Zia is one of the flower girls and she walked down the isle like a pro.

Such a beautiful flower girl..

Ofcourse Ziggy is also present for the wedding of his uncle. He also dressed up for the occasion.

Ziggy was so adorable wearing a black tuxedo. Accompanying his Momma while his Dad play as the best man.

He is so happy to accompany his Momma.

Marian also shared photos on her instagram account with Ziggy.

“My little boy Sixto is a little too happy to be Mama’s date today.” She posted.

Ziggy looks like mini Dong Dantes in tuxedo. Do adorable.