Marian and Zia spotted filming

Marian and Zia spotted filming

Marian Rivera revealed the other day that she was shooting a new tv commercial with Zia.

Marian captioned her post, “TV shoot with Ate Zia.”

Marian and Zia are the brand ambassador for Nido 3+. They have been endorsing Nido for more than a year now.

Many are curious if their new tv commercial is for Nido 3+, or it’s for a new endorsement deal.

Marian and Ate Zia finishes their schedule with bright smiles!

On the 3rd day of their tvc shoot, it was held outdoor.

A clip of Marian coaching Zia to dance was shared on social media. It was adorable!

We are excited for the new tv commercial of Marian and Zia!