Test Look of Marian Rivera and Gabby Concepcion’s teleserye

Test Look of Marian Rivera and Gabby Concepcion’s teleserye

The fans of Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes will surely be happy and excited to know that Marian will be returning to acting soon.

Marian will make her teleserye comeback through GMA’s upcoming tv series, First Yaya.

Marian met up with the program manager of the said tv series Ali Dedicatoria. Together with her manager Rams David and Mike Tuviera.

The Primetime Queen will be paired up for the first time with veteran actor Gabby Concepcion. who is a talent of her former manager Popoy Caritativo.

Earlier today, they did the test look for the teleserye. Marian posted a photo on her Instagram account.

Base on the title, it looks like Marian and Gabby’s new teleserye is a light romantic comedy.

The press has been asking Marian during her endorsements press launch when will she return to acting.

Marian will always say that she and Dong can’t have projects at the same time because of their children. Ziggy is just 8 months old and Zia is attending school.

Dingdong is busy now taping for the philippine adaptation of koran drama Descendants of the sun. Ms. Lilybeth Resonable of GMA Entertainment that the first two episode of the show will be explosive. She praise all the cast and crew of Descendants of the sun.

Marian and Dong are probably arranging their schedule so they won’t have conflicts. So one of them will look after Zia and Ziggy while the other one is at work.