Ate Zia’s fun 4th birthday party

Ate Zia 4th birthday party

Zia Dantes turned 4 years old yesterday, November 23rd 2019. She had a birthday celebration at Mcdonald’s with her family, relatives and closest friends.

It was Zia’s second birthday party, after her party at school with her classmates and teachers.

Zia’s friends Alana, Kimchi and Lucas are present in her birthday party!

Zia with his Daddy’s manager Perry Lansigan.

Everyone gather around Z to wish her happy birthday.

Zia and Daddy Dong with Ninong Gabby.

Little Ziggy and Mama Yan join in singing the Happy birthday song for Ate Z! Ziggy also wants to blow the candle. So adorable.

We have more photos and videos to share with you guys from the birthday party. Stay tune.