Zia’s awesome birthday giveaways

Zia’s awesome birthday giveaways

Zia Dantes will be turning 4 years old this saturday, but she already had an advance celebration yesterday.

Marian organized a special birthday party for Zia and her friends. Marian prepared a Unicorn themed birthday party with Zia.

She also invited Zia’s favorite disney princesses. Zia was seen dancing and singing with her favorite disney princesses.

Zia loves singing and dancing, she loves doing tv commercials and acting in front of the camera.

Though Marian knows that it’s inevitable, she only have one condition for Zia. “I will not stop her but I only have one wish. I hope she finishes school first before entering showbiz.”

At Zia’s birthday party Marian prepared some awesome giveaways. First is Zia’s very own bench perfume. Baby Bench Babylicious by Zia Dantes.

Next is a Unicorn bean bag chair.

And an awesome giftbox full of different unicorn items!

Zia will have another birthday party this saturday, november 23rd with her family, relatives, and closest friends.