Why Marian Rivera sold all her branded clothes

Why Marian Rivera sold all her branded clothes

One of Marian Rivera’s new advocacies is “Love Local”, which means to love and prioritize our own philippine made products.

So Marian’s ootds now are all locally made from her dresses to her shoes and bags.

Like what she wore during her Beautederm contract renewal. Her outfit is ‘Gawang Pinoy’, and she’s been doing this for quite awhile now.

When the press asked when did she started doing “Love Local.” She said that it all started when she became Kultura’s brand ambassador.

“Kutura open my eyes, i saw how beautiful and awesome our local products. It’s Gawang Pinoy.”

A few years ago, netizens and fans were always looking forward to Marian’s signature and branded ootds. But now we can’t see them anymore because Marian sold them.

“I got rid of them, i sold them and bought locally made clothes.” Marian said she doesn’t want to wear branded clothes anymore.

“Now my clothes are more meaningful because they are ‘Gawang Pinoy.'” She said. Marian also said that she will also influence Zia and Ziggy to wear locally made clothes.

“I want my children to know the importance of supporting our own locally made brands.”