Zia and Ziggy after their Bohol vacation

Zia and Ziggy after their Bohol vacation

Marian Riverais very thankful for all the blessings she’s receiving.

Marian said having endorsements means very different for her now. “When i was still single and just starting, i was like Wow i have new endorsements. I will get to see myself on tv and billboards.”

“Now that i am married and has children. I’m like Thank you Lord! I will get to save more for my children’s future.” Marian said.

Their eldest child Zia is earning on her own at an early age because she endorses different products as well

Marian said Zia’s earning is going to her trustfund that she will get when she turned 18 years old.

At 6 months old Ziggy received endorsement offers as well. But Dong and Marian are very careful when it comes to accepting endorsements fot their kids. They make sure to use and they trust the product before endorsing it.

The Dantes Squad is now back in their home after spending last weekend in Bohol.

This is Ziggy, so well behaved at his crib.

And Zia is reading a book with Daddy.

The Dantes Family is back on their normal routine after vacation.