Marian tells story how Zia is imitating tarsiers

Marian tells story how Zia is imitating tarsiers

The entertainment press got to talk with Marian Rivera during her renewal media launch with Beautederm Home.

Marian shared stories about her vacation in Bohol with husband Dong Dantes and their two children Zia and Ziggy.

It was the first time The Dantes Family travelled as a family of four. Marian shared, “I went to bohol oncr before, but i just went to the beach.”

“It was my first time to visit the tourist spots like Chocolate Hills, tarsier sanctuary ect. We also went boating and saw dolphins. We had a lot of fun, our country is so beautiful.”

Zia enjoyed bohol so much, especially swimming. She also can’t get over about tha tarsier.

“She can’t get over how tarsier looks like, she keep copying it. She was like ‘Mama look at me!’ She’ll imitate how tasier look.”

Marians said Zia is just like her, very bubbly, and that she enjoyed bohol so much Zia doesn’t want to go home.

“But we nees to go home because she has school and her Dad needs to go back to work.” Marian said.

The Dantes family plans to explore more beautiful destinations in the Philippines. “Dong told Zia that we will visit different beautiful places in Philippines.”