Marian took a break to breastfeed Ziggy

Marian took a break to breastfeed Ziggy

The Dantes Family visited the chocolate hills in bohol, one of the most visited tourist spot.

“The Chocolate Hills are a group of unusually shaped hills located in the middle of the island of Bohol in Philippines.

This extraordinary landscape is unique to this small island.” Chocolate hills site says.

The boholanos quickly spotted the dantes squad and gathered around the take a glimpse of this beautiful family.

They warmly welcomed the dantes family.

The Dantes squad waved and smile at them.

They even waited for them to come down.

It is unknown how many chocolate hills there are. It is known that at the bare minimum there are 1268 hills but some estimates put this number as high as 1776.

The Dantes family were thankful for the warm welcome.

Marian also took a break to breastfeed Ziggy, showing her dedication as a hands on Mom.

The Dantes family is now back in Manila. Dong also went back to work, he started taping again for descendants of the sun.