Dantes Family spotted at Bilar Enchanted

Dantes Family spotted at Bilar Enchanted

DongYan fans are super kilig with the photos shared by Dong and Marian on their social media account.

Dantes family went to bohol last weekend, and they visited different tourist spot in bohol. One of the tourist spot they visited was Bilar Enchanted.

Bilar Enchanted is where bohol’s tarsier resides. Tarsiers are known as the world’s smallest primate and can onlu be found in bohol.

Netizens were delighted to see them at Bilar Enchanted to see tarsiers. Some of them got lucky and took a selfie with Dantes Fam.

Here is Zia and Dong trying to look for Tarsier.

It looks like they found one, look at ate Zia’s expression, so adorable.

Marian and Ziggy also look for tarsier.

While Daddy Dong took some photos.

Ate Zia look so pretty.

Looks like Ziggy fell asleep.

As of the moment the dantes squad are back in manila. But we have more videos and photos to share about their bohol trip.