Dantes Family spotted at Loboc River

Dantes Family spotted at Loboc River

For the past halloween, Dong and Marian held a halloween costume party at their home with friends and family.

Fans and netizens are always looking forward and excited to see the costume of the Dantes Squad.

But this year, they did not held any party. So fans and netizens are wondering what they are up to this halloween.

Until, a netizen with the username itsmareey_24 posted photos of the Dantes Family. The photo was taken at Loboc River Cruise Floating Restaurant.

Loboc River floating restaurant is one of most visited tourist spot in Bohol. It is a floating restaurant serving filipino dishes and delicacies while cruising the beautiful Loboc River.

The netizen posted, “Nice to see you in person Dantes Family.” They were seen taking a group photo with the performers of Loboc River floating restaurant.

In another photo, Marian was seen dancing with one of the performers.

Dong was seen dancing as well. They are having a lot of fun in bohol.

The Dantes Family is enjoying some quality time together despite Dingdong and Marian’s busy schedule.

Their family and 2 children Zia and Ziggy remain to be their number 1 priority.

Happy halloween everyone!