Ate Zia’s costume preparation

Ate Zia’s costume preparation

Dong Dantes expresses his support for the upcoming 30th Sea Games to be held in Philippines.

“The power of Filipino volunteerism rocks!
We have seen and felt it in numerous events
in our history. Now it is our time to rock the SEA games arena. Let’s do this!” He posted.

The Dantes Family went trick-or-treating yesterday. One of their favorite holiday is halloween

For the past years The Dantes family has been dressing up and cosplaying every halloween.

This year for their annual Trick-or-Treat, Zia dress as Queen of hearts. A character from the movie.

Dong posted, “Daddy you’re gonna work again?!” He captioned.

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“Hmmp, Daddy you’re gonna work again?!” 😂 #MariaLetizia #Halloween2019

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In another photo Dong posted, his siblings Angelo and Trina joined them trick-or-treating.

Here’s Ate zia while getting ready for the trick and treat.

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Happy Halloween Everyone!