How Marian made Zia’s halloween costume

How Marian made Zia’s halloween costume

Zia’s halloween costume went viral on the internet. The theme of Zia’s costume is freaky clown.

Zia ended up winning the best costume award. It’s her 4th time winning such award, her second this year.

“Freaky clown costume made with recycled materials for school today. Congratulations, anak!” She posted.

Marian Rivera conceptualize Zia’s costume and hand made them. She uses recycled materials. For Zia’s top she uses old colorful balloon, made a knot ans stitch them on one by one.

While Marian uses black trash bag for Zia’s skirt.

Dingdong congratulate Zia and Marian for their new achievement.”Congratulations! Gujab, Mama!”. He posted.

Zia was so happy while holding her best costume certification. “You gave us quite a fright. Congratulations for best the BEST IN
COSTUME.” Says on her certification.

Last year Zia also won the best in costume award. Marian also hand made Zia’s costume last year.

Congratulations Zia and Mama Marian!