Zia won best costume award for the 4th time

Zia won best costume award for the 4th time

Zia Dantes bags another best costume award yesterday at her school’s halloween party. Zia was dressed us a freaky clown, her costume was made from recycled materials.

This is Zia’s 4th best in costume award, last year’s halloween party Zia also won the best costume award.

She wore a galaxy themed costumes also made from recycled materials.

She also won best costume award when she cosplay for her school’s anniversary party. She wore a Marilyn Monroe costume.

Just last month Zia won her 3rd best costume award. She dressed up as little Hawaiian girl.

And yesterday Zia bagged her 4th best costume award as freaky clown. Congratulations Ate Zia!

Looks like Zia enjoys cosplaying a lot. She probably got it from his Dad.

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, fans are now anticipating Dantes Family’s halloween costume.

Especially Ziggy, it’s going to be his first time.