Zia and her Ninang Aiai playing backstage

Zia and her Ninang Aiai playing backstage

Marian Rivera-Dantes is finally back in Sunday Pinasaya.

After almost 8 months of Hiatus, Marian returned to Sunday Pinasaya today October 13, 2019. Her last appearance on the show was last february before she took her maternity leave.

Marian gave birth to Ziggy last April 16,2019. After giving birth Marian focuses on her newborn child and stop all showbiz activities for a couple of months.

Her fans truly missed Marian as hundreds of her fans went to Sunday Pinasaya to see her return and watch her live. Equipped with welcome back banners and signs.

Zia also accompanied her Mom today, Marian shared clips of Zia playing tag with her Ninang Aiai Delas Alas.

Zia speaks in english and asked her Ninang Aiai, “Did you tag me?” “Ofcourse!” Her Ninang answers.

Aiai jokingly said, “Nanay mo tagalong lang ah!” Because Zia was talking to her in english.

Marian said in an earlier interview that she will bring Zia to work whenever she can, so they can use the time to bond as well.

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Na nonose bleed si Ninang Aiai kay Zia 😆😆😆

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