Ate Zia got a new haircut

Ate Zia got a new haircut

Marian Rivera-Dantes talks about her family in a recent interview with the entertainment press.

When it comes to Parenting are Marian and Dong in the same page? “I’m the bad cop.” She said.

Who’s the disciplinarian? “Both of us. But ofcourse Dong is the father of the house.”

The press asked Marian when does her bad cop side appears, “Sometimes, i don’t like making faces. Sometimes Zia is super hyper she got it from me i think.. so i act mad sometimes.” Marian said.

Though Zia is hyper and has a lot of energy Marian said she is very obedient.

“She’s hyper but not to the point that she doesn’t follow or listen to me. She always follow and listen to me. She’s a good girl. Very obedient.”

Will they let Zia join showbiz? “We will talk about it when the time comes. We will support her in anything she wants to do, we will support her dreams. But we want her to finish school first. That’s our condition.” She said.

Yesterday, visited symmetria salon to get a new haircut from her favorite Ate Celeste.

Marian shared a clip on her Instagram account. Ate Zia was so excited.

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New haircut! 🤩

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