Marian Rivera on what she wants her children to learn

Marian Rivera on what she wants her children to learn

Although Marian Rivera-Dantes is busy on taking care of her children Zia and Baby Ziggy. She will always have time to take care of her husband Dingdong Dantes too, especially when he wants specific food to eat.

“For me, I will always have time for my husband when he wants me to cook for him. I know my hands are full with my 2 kids, but when my husband request something, there’s no way i wouldn’t do it for him.”

When it comes to discipline, Marian has one thing to say to her daughter Zia. It is to follow her “always respect and obey” the rules.

Marian always remind her daughter Zia to be humble even though her parents are both celebrity.

“The challenge for us is on how we can mold them as they’re growing.. to be a good person. What’s outside is only temporarily. We always remind Zia that it doesn’t matter if you are pretty, or have great clothes, doesn’t mean your’re beautiful. You need to be beautiful inside too.”

She is very proud at her daughter Zia because she’s growing up to be more affecctionate and responsible sister to her baby brother Ziggy. Although at first she had a hard time balancing the time for those 2.

“It’s a great thing we have smart phones now because I showed her how i breastfeed her when she was a baby and I need to do the same to her brother Ziggy. So I’m showing her a little flashback to make her know that what I’m doing now to Ziggy is also what I did to her twice more.