Marian and Zia for McDo Party

Marian and Zia for McDo Party

Zia Dantes new endorsement with her Mama Marian Rivera was revealed yesterday by McDo on their social media account.

When asked how she feel that at early age Zia is trusted by companies to be an endorser of their products.

She said, “I am very grateful that they have me to endorsee them. I’s very heartwarming that they gave their trust on me and all of this is for the future of our 2 children.”

“It’s for their future and I just to give a big thanks to all these blessings because we are able secure their future.”

Does Zia knows how much she earned from her endorsements? “She knows, she needs to know.” Marian said.

“I told her before that everytime i bought something, I work hard for that so she needs to take care of it.”

“We also asks Zia if she wants to before we accept the product, we ask her “Can you? Do you want to?’ She can already talk and decide.”

“She said, ‘Yes mama, I want that’, so okay lets do it. If she doesnt want to then we wont.”

Here is Marian and Zia for McDo Party: