Marian River won’t do sexy roles nor kiss scene anymore

Marian River won’t do sexy roles anymore

Anne Curtis wear two-piece bathing suit at her movie Just A Stranger, and there are many time she do a love scene with Marco Gumabao.

Can Marian Rivera do it when shes offered a similar role?

“I cant do it,” she answer instantly.

Does she personally not want it or only because her husband Dingdong Ds=antes is against it?

“i cant do it. We all have different personalities.

“I personally dont want to do it and also because I have two children whom I need to set an example.

“I dont want them to see me like that. I am not ready for that kind of role.

“Maybe before, I would have. But now, I cant and don’t want to.” Marian said smiling.

Anne doesnt have a child for now, Marian have 2 cute children Zia and Ziggy.

So even a kissing scene, Marian can’t do it in a film.

She said that she will only do a kissing scene with her husband Dingdong Dantes.

If you all miss Marian every sunday, we have a good news for you. She will be back in Sunday Pinasaya starting next month.

It’s been seven months ever since we last watch Marian in Sunday Pinasaya. So all her fans are excited to see her back.