Marian Rivera is back in Tahdaha, share what role she wants to do next

Marian Rivera is back in Tahdaha, share what role she wants to do next

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera held a Tadhana’s media conference today. It is to mark her return to the show as host and to mark the 2nd year anniversary of Tadhana.

The press got to ask Marian what is her adjustments now that she is back in hosting Tadhana.

“Well, it’s not a big adjustment but ofcourse after i gave birth, i took time to rest and now i’m back hosting, there is a little adjustment. I have been hosting Tadhana for quite awhile now, so going back is not that of a huge adjustment.”

“I’m very happy that i’m now back in Tadhana, i truly miss this show. That’s why when i was in maternity leave i ask my husband to be the host for awhile because this program is very important for me.” She said.

Is there any possibility that she and Dong will make a special episode of Tadhana again just like last year?

“We are supposed to do another special episode of radhana but Dong is very busy. He has amazing earth and starstruck and he recently started taping for descendants of the sun. The locations are very far so our schedule don’t match. But i promise them that Me and Dong will comeback if he will not directing we will both act for an episode.”

When asked what role she wants to do next, she said. “I want something different, like a killer. I want a challenging role.”