Dantes Family’s wednesdate

Dantes Family’s wednesdate

Marian Rivera shared on her latest interview that she doesn’t have any problems producing milk for her 4 month old son, Ziggy.

But she said she still needs to keep her breast milk stash high since she is now back to work in Tadhana and doing photoshoot and tv commercials.

Marian also said that she has stopped donating breastmilk since, specially now that Ziggy eats a lot and growing fast.

She also revealed that her donated breastmilk were able to help 7 newborn babies. “With God’s grace, Ziggy and I were able to help 7 new born babies.” She said.

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Marian and her whole family is also doing novenas to Mama Mary. Marian is also a devotee of Padre Pio. But she believes with the help of Mama Mary, she will be able to produce more milk for Ziggy. She’ been doing novenas to our lady of the milk.

Marian did not answer when will she be fully back at work, she is yet to make her return to Sunday Pinasaya.

Meanwhile, Marian is still enjoying having more time with her family. Marian, Dong, Zia and Ziggy went on a date yesterday.

Marian shared some adorable photos.