Face transformation of Zia to Mama Yan

Face transformation of Zia to Mama Yan

Starstruck 7 have a second twist when the host Dingdong Dantes and Jennylyn Mercado announced after the acting test of the 10 finalist with the promenent Council Ms. Cherie Gil. The 2 night acting test ended and the host annouced who got the lowest score.

Among the females, Ella Cristofani got the lowest score and Jeremy sabido among males. The second twist is both Jeremy and Ella will have a last chance to come back next week.

They will fight against the 2 bottom of top 8. They will also allowe the televiewers to vote, for the maximum 5 votes per day for their favorite finalist.

Stay tuned to find out if Jeremy and Ella will stay and who will get eliminated between Kim de Leon, Allen Ansay, Radson Flores and Abdul Raman, Pam Prinster, Lexi Gonzales, Shayne Sava and Dan Porter. Watch Starstruck every Sunday.

In other news, Fans did a face transformation of Zia to Mama Marian.

Zia is indeed a little Marian, her facial features are exactly her Mom. So adorable. It’s like having a glimpse of what Zia will look like when she grows up.