Celebrities and netizens praise Zia’s beauty

Celebrities and netizens praise Zia’s beauty

The netizens are entertained at the latest photo of Zia, the daughter of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Zia proves in the photo that she got what it takes to be a model.

The Instagram followers of Marian are very glad to saw how Zia project in front of the cam. Marian captioned the photo, “Anak eto na mag liligpit na si Mama, uuwi na ako!”

Zias photo were hearted by other celebrities across instagram like Jed Madela, Sheena Halili, Jasmine Curtis, Anne Curtis, Aga Mulach and Crystalle Belo.

Netizens are also in awe of Zia’s beauty. They flooded Marian’s comment on her Instagram post.

“Zia will grow as the most beautiful
lady in the Philippines.”

“daming aaligid sayo pag dalaga gandang bata.”

“Need ng mga 50 na Aso para tagabantay..napakagandang bata ni Zia.”

“I’ve been watching you from
Marimar. I’m very happy for you and Dantes
that now you have a wonderful daughter and
also your little son. Wishing all the good things for your family. From the bottom of Vietnamese.”

“Little Marimar. You’re so pretty Zia.”

“Si Zia yung definition ng baby, palang super duper kaduper maganda na! Mana sa Mama!”

“Andito na Ang bagong dyosa. Akala ko wala na papalit Kay Marian hindi pda melton pa Ing isang munting dyosa.”

“Ang ganda ganda!!! My gosh…”